Penticton Vacation Home, confirm your vacation date by phone with Connie before snail mailing this form.
E-Transfer your deposit to lock down your Vacation date. Connie Mitchell, (604) 657-0526 Thanks...
( Please print out this form in Portrait Call Connie & Mail it. )
PLEASE PRINT Then fill in fully.

Applicant Requires the Vacation Home From Sat.________ 4 pm....TO. Sat._____________11am.

Rent is per week, $1295.oo
a cleaning charge, $100.oo
Less deposit..$<_______> to hold booking paid on ___________________ Current Dated.
Damage Deposit + $200.oo Per. Week Stay. (refunded no damages pending)
Total Amt. Due.$ _______ NOTE (Full payment due 30 days Prior to Occupancy).
(here in known as the RENTER) ___________________________________________________
Applicant's present residence ______________________________________________________
Postal code,___________ phone#_________________ Email,_______________@_____________
Applicant is employed by __________________________________ Occupation____________________________
Work Phone#_____________________________

Spouse's or co-renter's full name and address,_____________________________________________________
Employed by__________________________________________________________________
Occupation __________________________________________ Phone ___________________

Number of Adults in party_________Number of children____________Sorry No Pets allowed without prior written permission.

Credit reference: (List bank, credit union, charge accounts, or other credit references.)
1.Drivers Lic.#______________________________
2. Credit Card Type & #_______________________Exp/date,_______
Personal References and relation to the Renter_______________________________________#___________________

TERMS: The person and/or persons (hereafter referred to as the Renter/ Indemnitor) renting the dwelling situated at 933 Dynes Avenue in Penticton B.C. and the Indemnitor jointly and severely agree with the owners of this property as (Connie and John Mitchell hereafter referred to as the Owners)
1. Payment of the rental fees are to be made in full prior to occupancy. A damage deposit of $________ is also required from the renter prior to occupancy, and this deposit will be refunded by the owners upon termination of the occupancy and with the absence of damage to the property.
2.Penticton Vacation House is limited only to a full refund if unforeseen problems occur. At the discretion of the house owners.
3. The Indemnitor agrees to indemnify and pay the owners for all losses , costs, expenses and fees arising from, or related to: a) physical damage to the property, dwelling, furniture and fixtures incurred by the Renters or their invited guests during the rental period, and b) outstanding rental fees.
Due to any unforeseen circumstances that would render the the Vacation House closed. The owners are subject only to supply renter with a refund in full.
By signing this document you represent that you agree to these terms for yourself and that you are authorized to agree to them for the Renter.
Signature of Renter/Indemnitor: _____________________________ Witness: ______________________________

Name: _______________________________________ Name: ______________________________ Dated:______________
Print name of Renter/Indemnitor Print name of Witness__________________________________

Please confirm your dates by phone and then E-Transfer your deposit to:

Connie Mitchell Office Phone @ 604 657-0526
Box 526, 713 Main St.
Okanagan Falls BC
Canada V0H 1R0

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